November 27, 2011

EPCOT Food and Wine Festival and Kim Possible Showcase Adventure (Dining at Walt Disney World)

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The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is held each fall, from the end of September through the first week of November. This is not an event that requires an extra ticket.The World Showcase is filled with booths offering food and wine (and beer) for purchase.   You may hear about “sampling” foods, but be clear that there are no free samples; everything costs money. 

You can pay for most of  the  food (no alcohol)  with the meal plan; they count as one snack choice.I don’t have any specifics about the fest; in general, we avoid any event that centers around food. A list of booths and foods is available online prior to the festival.  If you are interested in the fest, I would suggest that you get a copy of the food list before you leave for your trip so you can get an idea of what may be safe and what may not be and then you can plan accordingly. Keep reading for a suggestion of how you can enjoy the festival while your kids enjoy Epcot.

Kim Possible

A nutcracker lifted the box below it to reveal a clue during the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.

For the first time, we became secret agents for the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, which was loads of fun.  We  went to the Kim Possible station and got a Kimmunicator, a phone that gives instructions on various “countries” to go to so you can save the world.  It’s interactive;  at certain places you punch a code into the phone and objects will respond.  Beer steins yodeled and a nutcracker gave us clues in Germany;   in China, a  statue of a soldier spoke to us and a monkey statue rose from a pond.

If you have someone in your party interested in the Food and Wine Festival, I would advise the rest of your party volunteer for the Kim Possible adventure.  You can go around the World Showcase together, following Kim’s adventure.  When you slip away for food, the secret agents will be so busy they will hardly notice  your gone.

This monkey statue rose from the water during the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure,

Epcot Food and Wine Festival on DisneyWorld.Disney.Go

Next week: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Epcot

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